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 Bayside High can be stressful - That’s why you grab food at the max, hang out with friends, and jam to your cassettes.  Even giants bow down to the lions.  @jerrysommer  Spent the day going back to the 80s with some of my favorite people. Find the ones that believe in your dreams and uplift you. And each day spent with them will be amongst the best. Anyways... The Legend Of #ChubbyKuku is coming soon! Not pictured but amazing too: @jerrysommer & @philbiedron.
 Somewhere. Thinking about something. At sometime. What are you thinking? And don’t make it perverted   The name’s Kuku... Chubby Kuku. Had an absolute blast last night at the #FinalDraftAwards w/ @petedalessandrocomedy @2degreesofalie & @instamac88. #TheLegendOfChubbyKuku coming soon!  The talented @joppa84 @azucarroc & @itsjimicravity provided me with the score to write and tell my story. Technically I’m a rapper but I classify this album under “healing/easy listening” and hip hop. Give it a listen - it’s everywhere you buy and stream your music. #TheAsokaHustle.
 A few months ago - Recording the #HomecomingEP with my homegirl. Something about these #BomBaeGirls.  Coolest thing about California? Finding dope, talented people with like-minded goals!  This was such a fun night (4 years ago tonight)! @JohnHennigan invited me to his improv show. Met so many talented people like @jtg121084, @katarinasinfamy, & @fachristopherdaniels. This led to so many fun projects in the future. An epic night in retrospect. @HEELZiggler was the guest host that night too!
 Finally got me some of that internet money.  Whether working on a sketch with big red himself or cheering from the crowd. My days spent at @TeamCoco are among my favorites. #FindYourTribe.  You know, just another candid black and white shot someone must’ve snapped of me while I was coincidentally surrounded by lights and staring off into space, in a brooding manner. 🤷‍♂️

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