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 Spent the day going back to the 80s with some of my favorite people. Find the ones that believe in your dreams and uplift you. And each day spent with them will be the amongst the best. Anyways... The Legend Of #ChubbyKuku is coming soon! Not pictured but amazing too: @jerrysommer & @philbiedron.  And then it began to feel like #Christmas   You can be on different paths but it’s remarkable how similar your journeys can be. @actordanielross is the voice of Donald Duck. We’re hustling in different worlds, but at the core the motivation and fuel is the same. Work hard, believe in yourself, be nice to people, and let the universe bring to you what’s yours.
 The talented @joppa84 @azucarroc & @itsjimicravity provided me with the score to write and tell my story. Technically I’m a rapper but I classify this album under “healing/easy listening” and hip hop. Give it a listen - it’s everywhere you buy and stream your music. #TheAsokaHustle.  Every time I wear a suit, I try to look like my uncle. He completed his journey on Earth a few years ago. He was my hero. To this day, I wear his favorite tie to all big meetings and important events. Now if only I could learn how to tie it without watching a YouTube tutorial each time.  It’s so important to surround yourself with people that uplift you. This is Gurv & Harv Sihra - They’re work horses, grinding and living their dream everyday. As WWE superstars they travel upwards of 300 days a year, wrestling night in and night out. We connected a few years ago through a mutual friend and bonded over our love for wrestling, hip-hop, and acting. They always make time to hang out when they’re in town and have been really supportive to me. I walk away feeling inspired every time I talk to these guys. When you’re building your dream - it’s important to have friends like that around. #FindYourTribe. PS Moment Gurv and I saw each other we both pointed at each other’s outfit and said, “of course.” As you can obviously tell - we’re both all about that 2Pac life.
 This was such a fun night (4 years ago tonight)! @JohnHennigan invited me to his improv show. Met so many talented people like @jtg121084, @katarinasinfamy, & @fachristopherdaniels. This led to so many fun projects in the future. An epic night in retrospect. @HEELZiggler was the guest host that night too!  Just another candid shot. This was in an alley the other night after I fought 27 street thugs to solve a drug ring, and rescued a litter of puppies, after I donated books to children who couldn’t read.  Happy and inspired to hang with my guy @rohitsharmacomedian today. #NewBrownAmerica right here. #Repost @rohitsharmacomedian with @get_repost ・・・ I feel inspired. Today was cool, I finally caught up with a guy who I've wanted to meet up with for some time and today was the day we finally connected. It happens "oh we should totally meet, let's do it, hit me up... " then nothing. But we were supposed to link up, a higher power wanted us to meet. I have admired @theasoka from the first time I met him. He is a kind soul, someone you should be lucky to be friends with. A supremely talented Indian rapper, actor and creative. It's easy to be alone or get busy with your daily grind. I recommend taking the time to be kind and link up with those kind of people. You never know who can help inspire you to grow as an individual. Be thankful. Be kind. Eat pizza. #powerinnumbers #americanindian #theasokahustle #bekind
 You know, just another candid black and white shot someone must’ve snapped of me while I was coincidentally surrounded by lights and staring off into space, in a brooding manner. 🤷‍♂️  Oh this? Completely candid. They must’ve taken this during my numerous daily reflections on romantic poetry.  First production meeting (of hopefully many many more to come) with a few of my best friends. This is the #DreamTeam. #FindYourTribe.

Sorry for being gone…

…But music had me a bit occupied.  Let the ones who inspire you elevate you to another level.

The Road To Statlanta – My Conversation with Stat Quo

  Stat Quo was discovered by Dr. Dre & Eminem in 2002. He would go on to become the only artist, apart from 50 Cent, to sign a deal with both Shady and Aftermath. Through ups and downs, in 2008 Stat decided to leave the labels and start afresh. Stat Quo will release his debut […]

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The official single off the new album #LionsInTheWest is here! I said Asoka season was starting up and I meant it. New songs on new songs and videos on top of videos! I might throw this up on iTunes but for now you can cop it for free right here at ReliveHipHop.Com! Also, go grab the #MultiVersePlaylist while you’re […]