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Welcome 2 HySpace: Evolution Muzik!

Welcome2Hyspace Front

Every once in a while an artist comes along that redefines his genre of music. I believe J0HNS0L0 is an artist of that calibre. Sometimes you stumble upon a diamond in the underground and that’s exactly what happened when I discovered John’s music. Welcome2Hyspace is easily one of the best Hip-Hop albums made in recent years. And I’m honored to welcome J0HNS0L0 in to the Sea Side Dreams family! Enjoy the music but before that… Check out this open letter to the fans written by J0HNS0L0:

Open letter dated: 07|03|13

I’m a man of few words. I don’t speak much and I’m not the best conversationalist. It’s probably because everything I have goes in to the words I use to make songs. If you’ve heard my earlier projects you know I was angry. Angry at pretty much everything. So I wrote about it and that helped me release stress. There are over 100 songs with this theme, spanning 7 albums, one being a 3 cd ‘opus’ to every social issue that was rubbing me wrong.

The final two projects were so depressing that I won’t even give out copies any longer. I was miserable and my music was as well.

That all changed. I changed my location. Then my mental perspective and finally, my physical perspective. I did things I had never done before, because I could. I let nothing get in my way. I charged forward into my own fears, face first, eyes open wide. This is the account of those experiences which lasted several years. It was a journey into the unknown and the moment I realized how amazing it was, I wanted to share it.

I’m higher than I’ve ever been. And the view is amazing.



Download: J0HNS0L0 – Welcome2HySpace

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The Man of Steel EP!


I’ve always been inspired by the Superman character. He stands for truth & justice but at the very core of his being he feels lonely, conflicted and lost. Zack Snyder (the director of Man of Steel) recently said, “He’s the most powerful but also the most vulnerable superhero you could imagine.”

His existence is bittersweet, almost poetic. As a child I was fascinated by the character, and as I grew older, I started relating to the human side of Clark Kent.

Inspired by the release of the new movie… I got together with RawKey, my favorite producer in hip-hop, and decided to pay homage and create our own soundtrack to accompany the feature film.

I can honestly say this is my proudest body of work. I’m honored to share this music with you!

-The Asoka

Download: The Man Of Steel EP – The Asoka & RawKey

Painting by: Robbie Collis (robbaaron@hotmail.com)
Graphics by: Pappa Artwork (PappaArtwork@Gmail.com)