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The Asoka Hustle on VICELAND!

My music is featured on tonight’s episode of Huang’s World on VICELAND. Watch as Eddy Huang explores Burgundy, France and drinks his way through the finest wines in all the world. Shoutout to VICELAND, the entire team of Huang’s World, and especially Carlos Haynes! Excited. Grateful. Happy… These are the words that come to mind at this […]


Flying High – My Conversation with John Hennigan!

  Actor. Entertainer. High Flyer. John Hennigan is no stranger to sports entertainment fans across the world. Loved for his parkour style and death-defying stunts, he’s reached heights that most dream of achieving. I recently had a conversation with John about life, music, movies and everything in-between. Check it out… You’ve been at the peak of the wrestling […]

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Remembering Fatal…

  “As some of you know 2Pac‘s music has had a huge influence on me. It was his music that initially turned me onto Hip Hop music. The same can be said for his group of brothers, “The Outlawz.” Fatal and Noble, from The Outlawz, were the first artists to take the time to talk with me, […]

We Shootin’

Ah, made you look. You’re just a slave to a page in my rhyme book. The Humble Hustle crew is back together… workin’ on #TheAsokaHustle.