The World Champion!


Got world champions on my album. So yeah, this album’s about to kick some ass! #MyCoStarsAreBetterThanYours Photo by: Erika Lane Enggren

I’ve been sitting on this album for a moment. Going to release it when I’m ready; on my own terms. It’s my love letter to music. A piece of work that I’m comfortable being defined by. Collaborated with some amazing people on this. Humbled to create art with each and every one of you. The world is dark but creating this album brought me freedom and had me free from concern. Catch me soon… On your playlists and right here, at

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  1. RL
    RL says:

    finallllly the asoker HAs come back to…. speakers in eVErY hOUse, Car, HEadphones, baCK road partiEs and your girls ring tone!!! Dude everYOnes been waiting for yoUR nEw albuM n its finAlly comIng. you reLeasing anything early ?


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