Most of my musical inspirations are known for their tireless work ethic and spending countless hours in the studio, perfecting their craft. And even though I had also spent countless hours on music (Okay, fine… lip-syncing to their songs in front of my bathroom mirror as a teenager), it was time for me to start creating my own.

Recording music became a creative outlet that enabled me to do amazing things; from being featured on mixtapes hosted by 50 Cent to appearing on MTV, VH1 and even on an official 2Pac Shakur release. In time, with every accomplishment my friends started yelling out, “That’s that Asoka hustle!”

Recording The Asoka Hustle felt therapeutic; the album became an audio diary of my life during this time. I opened up about heartache, submitting music to Dr. Dre, my grandfather’s hellish experience with genocide, and even got to record a song with some of my favorite pro-athletes, and my Mom (What’s more gangster than that?)!